Helping You Secure Your Data With Excellence

Our Mission

Alde Security Solutions seeks to create and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT Security systems. Striving to provide excellent service, respect and value while securing our nation.


Helping You Secure Your Data With Excellence... 

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Alde Security Solutions, LLC., an IT Security Firm is one of the leading U.S. solely focused cyber security providers with over 16 years experience in the field of IT Security. Alde Security Solutions prides itself on services offered in Informations Security, Managed IT and IT Consulting. Our IT professionals are uniquely qualified to provide both commercial and government focused cyber security solutions capable of meeting Federal requirements in FISMA, NIST and Risk Management Framework, RMF, while offering the flexibility to adapt in solutions to meet both business and mission specific requirents in keeping our nation secure.  Alde Security Solutions is located in Annapolis, Maryland serving the D.C. Metro area.


Information Security

Our security professionals have successfully implemented FISMA requirements by reaffirming oversight compliance directed by Federally mandated laws, regulations, and directives that govern development and guidance of federal information system security practices while providing confidential, integrity and availability to your information system in order to protect your data.


Managed IT

Alde Security Solutions will manage and operate your environment in order to maintain the data while implementing a program that maintains your IT Security posture that includes: (Managed IT Services) IT Network Solutions, Incident Response, Incident Management, and Firewall Management.


IT Consulting

Alde Security Solutions collaborates with clients to determine the hardware, software, networking, maintenance, and support services that are best-suited to achieve organizational goals. Whether its remote support, onsite technical support, hardware set-up and/or maintenance, software upgrades, or application support, Alde Security Solutions helps clients pinpoint IT needs.


We Manage a Range of Government Contract Vehicles

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