Remote IT Security Solutions Offer Businesses A Greater Defensive Advantage
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Studies show the greatest data security risk is posed to organizations by insiders because they have access to sensitive information on a regular basis, and may know how that information is protected. Insiders wanting to steal or leak this information may do so easier than an outsider and likely undetected. In many cases insiders have also accidentally leak data or otherwise put it at risk – something that outsiders typically cannot do. For example, attaching the wrong files to an email being sent, oversharing on social media, losing a laptop or USB drive, or through some other mistake, insiders can in fact put an organization's data at risk with little to no effort.

Mistakes: Data leaks originating from mistakes, however, are still a serious concern and are obviously more likely to occur as the result of an insider's actions than from those of an external party trained to solely focus on the organization's cyber security risk.

Motive: When we look at motive, it's important to understand that any sizeable organization is likely to have some employees who are unhappy at work – meaning there may be people who have access to data with a motive for leaking it.

Misfortune: This often times has little to do with the owner of the organization, yet it is the owner who bares all risk and misfortune following these actions. 

Facts: The most significant obstacle for a company to overcome is employee complacency. In most corporate environments, upwards of 89.9% of employees are unable to articulate any real understanding of IT-security related issues and are most likely to introduce a virus through an NSFW download, accept malware through a phishing exploit, introduce a corrupted mobile device (BYOD) to the corporate network, or engage in some sort of inadvertent human error which may result in a threat to data security (not updating security settings, using simple passwords, doing secure work on public wifi, etc.).

Remote-IT Solutions: There are serious benefits of Remote-IT Security services for your company. Whether you are looking to hire short-term or long-term security personnel, Remote IT Security will greatly benefit your business by cutting costs, minimizing risk, alleviating administration burdens, and increasing flexibility.


Minimize Risk: Choosing Remote-IT security solutions for your organization will also minimize the risk of hiring a new security officer with potential instability. When it comes to your security needs, you will want as little uncertainty as possible. Outsourcing your IT security needs will reduce the risk involved in hiring new security agents who you can't properly vet without taking major risk.

Teamwork: Despite the distance, remote-IT security solution companies make the best defensive advantage. This is because that distance demands more communication. Without being able to lean on physical proximity, not only lowering the organizations security risk, but allows for freedom to grow business with less anxiety of an intentional, or accidental in-house breach.  Records show an astounding 92 percent of organizations are actually reporting improvement in their team and buisness growth.

Alde Security Solutions is proud to offer Remote services in IT Security Solutions with the confidence of knowing what it takes to protect and defend private information of commercial and federal organizations for over 16 years. 

-Allyson White, CEO

Alde Security Solutions, LLC.