Maintaining Your IT Security Posture
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Alde Security Solutions believes that security controls are only effective if they are used well. From a security perspective, this often times means monitoring their current status. A service offered by Alde Security Solutions called Managed Services.

Maintaining a strong security posture consists of building secure systems, monitoring those systems continuously, and remediating any deficiencies detected. Some system administrators like to handcraft their servers, treating them as individual works of art. This is a bad idea, because it leads to inconsistent configurations, and missing security controls. Contact us to learn more... 

At Alde Security Solutions, recommends building strong baseline configurations as an important step in systems security. Depending upon the approach used by your organization, you might have written security configuration standards, gold master images for your servers, or have scripts used to build secure systems consistently. That's why Alde Security Solutions offers Information Security that maintains Confidentiality, Integrity and Availablilty you can believe in for a strong security baseline that ensures you have consistent controls across all of your systems. 

Our IT Consulting Services is one that focuses and advising your organization on how to best use information technology in achieving business objectives. We provide staffing, project based and strategic consulting services, as well as customized tools, programs and solutions to insure that clients achieve their business and information technology goals. We invite you to explore our experience and service offerings that confirm our ability to make a positive difference for your organization.

We look forward to serving you at Alde Security Solutions..."Where Security Meets Excellence"


Alde Security Solutions seeks to create and maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of IT Security systems. Striving to provide excellent service, respect and value while securing our nation. 

Uniquely qualified to provide commercial and government focused cyber security solutions capable of meeting Federal requirements FISMA, NIST and Risk Management Framework, RMF while flexible enough to adapt to solutions that meet both buisness and mission specific requirements in keeping our nation secure.

Alde Security Solution, LLC. is located in Annapolis Maryland serving the D.C. Metropolitan area. 

Allyson White,CEO Alde Security Solutions, LLC.