Most Organizations Are Still Running Out of Date Software!

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While we all know Cyber Security is in fact an issue for everyone today. It's even more so a concern to learn that most organizations don't take our nation's issue with cyber attacks serious enough to protect, let alone update their systems software.

CEO's are you listening? We are in the battle of our lives. Since everything is now online, this means you have a responsibility to know you've done your part in order to secure your client's data and those vulnerable to your systems failure to protect vital information. 

The truth is over two-thirds of organizations are running unsupported versions of Microsoft Office, exposing them to cyber-threats. 

The IT professional network polled over 1,100 IT pros in the US, Canada and UK to better understand the usage of productivity suites in their organizations.

It found 68% are still running some instances of Office 2007, despite the package reaching end of support by October this year. So we ask you: How can any organization secure protection of software no longer supported by it's manufacturer under any plan. And that's not all. 

46% were running Office 2003; 21% Office 2000; and 15% are still on Office XP (2002 version). Some 3% even claimed they are still running some machines on Office 97. If organizations need reminding of the damage that can result from an unpatched vulnerability, they just need to look at the chaos inflicted by WannaCry and NotPetya, two worm-like ransomware threats that caused mass service outages across the globe in May and June. 

Did we mention Equifax? How about our 2016 election?... Let's just say anyone looking to be in business by next year needs to know their cyber security status. Have you connected with Alde Security Solutions to establish your polices and procedures? What are you waiting for?

-Allyson White, CEO

Alde Security Solutions, LLC.