Cyber Insurance Is A Business's Greatest Defense
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In this digital world, businesses should expect that their business will eventually be targeted by a cyberattack regardless of size. Threats ranging from malware, and other attacks are common, but businesses should be prepared and implement a set of best practices to insulate themselves. But even the most thorough preparation can be undermined by an unsuspecting employee or an unforeseen vulnerability. You can never be absolutely certain your system won't be compromised, which risks your finances, your reputation, and your customer's privacy.

But there is something you can do to protect your business. Investing in cyber liability insurance is the best way to secure your business, its finances and private information of those customers who trust in you to keep their information protected. Unfortunately, 74 percent of small businesses do not maintain a cyber liability insurance policy.  Many entrepreneurs feel unconcerned, and 85 percent of respondents said they'd never experienced a data breach. Still, 77 percent have taken some steps to protect their business, which is promising.  Risks will continue to be a growing problem. That's why Alde Security Solutions over 16 years continues to grow it's base by informing, training and operating daily compliance with commercial and federal clients against cyber risk. As leaders delivering on IT security solutions that secure our nation, we are diligently educating more business on the importance of cyber insurance as their greatest defense.

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-Allyson White, CEO

Alde Security Solutions, LLC.