CEOs Still Not Paying Attention to Cybersecurity

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Veracode recently reported a lack of understanding of cybersecurity by CEOs who do not seem to address cybersecurity unless they are forced to.

Board members and company leaders are fundamentally driven to deliver higher profits for the company and shareholders. In order to get the CEO to act, the money spent on improving cybersecurity must have a tangible return on investment (ROI).

After all we hear in the news, company leaders still have not invested more into cyber security defense instead the volume of incidences in the news has fallen on deaf ears. As more CEOs are held accountable for security incidents, as happened in the case with Equifax, awareness will rise.

Executives may not understand cyber risks to the business, but they will begin to take notice as more of their peers are fired for security breaches or until it impacts the business flow. Imagine a business that can’t access their data or a data repository that has been maliciously modified to the point where employees can’t trust the data. Not to mention those organizations like health industries that are responsible for maintaining the charagter of customer personally identifiable information, (PII). This would certainly motivate businesses to do a better job at cyber defense.”


-Allyson White, CEO Alde Security Solutions, LLC.