The Internet Is Going to Change Everything About Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity can cause big problems for organizations. In 2016 cybercrime cost businesses more than 4 billion while making vulnerable 24,000 records per incident. In 2017 alone the number of breaches is expected to rise by more than 36%. Due to threats and attacks becoming more mainstream, businesses are expected to invest more than 93 billion in cyber defenses by 2018.

Inspite of this investment in cyber defenses, there is no reason to expect things to get better any time soon. It is for this reason that traditional security will not be affective in preventive cyber attacks on IoT devices. 

Any organization preparing to protect their data from future cybersecurity challenges with the same thinking of that in 2017, is more vulnerable than they might imagine. Removing the risk of breaches means to change the way you think about the relationship between employees, connected devices, and overall corporate cyber defense. 

Attacks on businesses are approaching from all angles and channels with IoT being a significantly larger attack surface. Executives are accountable for performance, or the lack of performance of security, and businesses will face a range of consequences and brand damage to recovery cost and the lost of customers in the face of breaches. 

It's time to remove people from discussion, and move toward a more intelligent and secure feature.


-Allyson White, Alde Security Solutions, LLC