Breach At PayPal Subsidiary Affects 1.6 Million Customers
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PayPal informed customers on Friday that personal information for 1.6 million individuals may have been obtained by hackers who breached the systems of its subsidiary TIO Networks. TIO is a publicly traded bill payment processor that PayPal acquired in July 2017 for roughly $230 million. The company is based in Canada and it serves some of the largest telecom and utility network operators in North America. TIO has more than 10,000 supported billers and it serves 16 million consumer bill pay accounts. On November 10, PayPal announced that TIO had suspended operations in an effort to protect customers following the discovery of security vulnerabilities on the subsidiary's platform.

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PayPal said it had found issues with TIO’s data security program that did not adhere to its own standards. An investigation conducted in collaboration with third-party cybersecurity experts revealed that TIO’s network had been breached, including servers that stored the information of TIO clients and customers of TIO billers. PayPal said the attackers may have obtained personally identifiable information (PII) for roughly 1.6 million customers. Affected companies and individuals will be contacted via mail and email, and offered free credit monitoring services via Experian. While it’s unclear exactly what type of data the hackers have gained access to, the information shared by PayPal and TIO suggests that payment card data and in some cases even social security numbers (SSNs) may have been compromised.


-Allyson White, CEO Alde Security Solutions, LLC.