Why Alde Security Solutions Is The ONE To Trust
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What does Alde Security Solutions do? Today's article explores cyber, a broad term that includes offensive cyber, defensive cyber, and regulatory compliance. 

How does ALDE define 'cyber' as a capability?

If you ask three people for a definition of cyber, you’ll get five different answers. Normally, cyber refers to cybersecurity, and consists of protecting information technology (IT) assets, either through defensive actions or regulatory compliance. To be specific at Alde we understand how to defend against sophisticated threats. 

What is the company’s general approach to cyber?

We take a proactive approach to cyber. We focus on maximizing resources and ensuring the cyber resiliency of the mission. Our proactive approach to cyber defense uses a threat-based methodology, and a focus on leveraging knowledge and intelligence. The adversary is always evolving, and so we must as well. We go beyond fundamental cyber hygiene and information assurance, implementing our proven Defensive Cyber Operations tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), and leveraging advanced cyber analytics to anticipate and prevent cyber threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and insider threats.

Key Areas of Service

Information Security

Our security professionals have successfully implemented FISMA requirements by reaffirming oversight compliance directed by Federally mandated laws, regulations, and directives that govern development and guidance of federal information system security practices while providing confidential, integrity and availability to your information system in order to protect your data.

Managed IT

Alde Security Solutions will manage and operate your environment in order to maintain the data while implementing a program that maintains your IT Security posture that includes: (Managed IT Services) IT Network Solutions, Incident Response, Incident Management, and Firewall Management.

IT Consulting

Alde Security Solutions collaborates with clients to determine the hardware, software, networking, maintenance, and support services that are best-suited to achieve organizational goals. Whether its remote support, onsite technical support, hardware set-up and/or maintenance, software upgrades, or application support, Alde Security Solutions helps clients pinpoint IT needs.

Those in the cyber domain are constantly striving to learn and expand their skills; you have to in order to keep up with both technology and the adversary. At Alde Security Solutions, we provide a collaborative culture, and a diverse set of opportunities to not only serve our clients, but also cross-train their employees and provide IT maintenece so they can expand their cyber aptitude in order to be ready for the next big cyber challenge.

-Allyson White, CEO Alde Security Solutions, LLC.