Cybersecurity: Are Board Members Struggling With Admitting They Don't Know What They Need?

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How Can You What You Need When You Don't Uderstand? 

There should be little doubt about the importance of cybersecurity these days, given the amount of attention the topic has garnered. The attack surface is growing as a result of the increasing number of connected devices, malicious apps, the Internet of Things, cloud services and the digitization of business functions. Board members are under pressure from all sides to keep data and business operations safe from cyber-attack.
Indeed, we know boards are concerned about cyber risks, though they are not always as engaged as they should be, according to a report from the US State of Cybercrime, 30% of participants stated that there is no board engagement in this area at all, compared to 25% who report full engagement in security issues, planning and decision making.
To avoid damaging data and financial losses, boards must have a deep understating of the cyber risks that their organizations’ face. But how are they supposed to know what’s important, when the information received is filled with jargon?

The truth is board members are aware they must add cybersecurity to their operations to avoid loss and hefty liability law suits from employees and clients over loss of personal information and ransoms. But many don't understand the jargon that comes with cybersecurity, so they don't know what to ask for when searching for assistance, or how to implement cybersecurity into their systems. It's simple. Board members need consulting! That's why the Alde Security Solutions Team is here to help. With IT Securtiy, Managed IT Services and IT Consulting for board members and employees. Board members become empowered with the knowledge necessary to defend their organizations against cybercrime.

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-Allyson White, CEO Alde Security Solutions, LLC.