Why Private Schools Are at The Highest Cybersecurity Risk

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With the 2017-2018 school year well underway, it’s time to draw attention to an ongoing and very serious problem facing the US education system; especially private schools. Our schools are ill-equipped to face the mounting threats posed by hackers in search of profitable personal information of families.

All Schools

While the education system isn’t the worst US industry in terms of cybersecurity, it remains high on the list of vulnerable sectors. This is particularly troubling since the education system has access to tens of millions of records on children and young adults ― who are perfect targets for identity thieves.

Why Are Private Schools at The Top of The Risk List?

Unlike public schools in the US, private schools not only have a list qualifications, they also have a host of personal information that renders private schools a higher risk than most any organization with consumer personal information; including healthcare facilities. Why? Well it's simple, many parents not only have to supply paystubs to prove they can afford the tuition that list important employer information, they must also provide checking account and routing numbers for recurring monthy tuition payment. If hacked, we don't have to tell you what would happen. 

And that's not all. Because many private schools ask that parents list at least two character references in the event they don't pay their tuition, hackers score BIG TIME on friends and family personal information. 

What Can Parent Do?

Insert pressure where it's needed? On the Directors! Because these risks affect you and your family directly, be sure to ask if your students private school has a family friendly IT Security team like Alde Security Solutions, LLC. Alde Security Solutions, created by a parent who understand how to protect your family's personal information, manage school data bases, insuring safety and the ability train staff and administrators on the importance of IT Security. Not just any IT person will do. Your family deserves the best. Alde Security Solutions, LLC., Where Security Meets Excellence.

Source: Alde Security Solutions, LLC

-Allyson White, CEO Alde Secuirty Solutions, LLC.